Use-ability issues in websites

Bad websites that we rely on all the time. Google is faster to get information from.


Bionic Eye

The technology these days are getting ever better. The where we had wheelchairs to allow those immobilized to move and hearing aides to allow those with little hearing to hear again. Now we have eyes to allow the blind to see.

Scientists have taken the genetic code in a mouse’s retina and used it to create a brand new device that restored its vision to near full. As they have been able to restore vision to a mouse they are taking what they have learned to restore vision to humans.

To accomplish such a feat scientists have to stimulate a large number of cells not only with a genetic code but the RIGHT genetic code. The math operations and equations that have to be used for this are able to be stored onto a chip and combined with a projector; with this chip implanted into the mouse it jumped the performance to near-normal levels.


Font Styles

In order to complete the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the designers needed one last thing to compliment the use of a spoken ancient language. This missing element was a written language. The designers thought to themselves that a 3-taloned dragon carved this language of theirs into the stone. Thus they came up with the written language. Every symbol of this language uses between one and three lines and sometimes the odd dot which would be the dewclaw.

The duo of Todd Howards (producer) and Adam Adamowicz (concept artist) were the ones who came up with this language and font style. In order to make this workable in the game they needed to make it compatible with Microsoft Word. This language of 34 symbols was created in 2011 and is now usable by every one for their own purposes.



Copyright… how do i benefit from it?

As an internet user we all know that what we do is posted throughout the web. Its always visible to the general public and for this reason Copyright laws are necessary, well maybe not this reason alone but still its needed. Copyright laws affect us as internet users in the ways of fair dealings. This means that every original idea that is on the web and is copyrighted others can see but cannot use as their own idea. Considering copyright laws a video post on youtube that includes clips from other videos/games it must be sited where you got the clips. As a user this is not a problem. Personally I have yet to see any issues of this on youtube. Currently this is just a respected law that isn’t exactly enforced but simply respected.


If anyone ever wondered what trends will be like in 10ish years, here is my personal prediction of what the top 5 will be like:

1) Telecommunications – first there were couriers, then the invention of the telephone, now we have video calls, and will soon have a simple pair of glasses. Where will this be leading to? The answer I believe is to be holograms. You know what i mean, those things in Starwars that allowed the people to talk to others face to face without being in the same room. It seems far fetched right? No, we have video calls and we have projectors how different will it be to make those projectors from the movies?

2) Transportation – horse and carriage to really old vehicles to these new model vehicles today. Whats next? Hover cars. Its possible in our time to do it. Unfortunately if we did it now the smallest of cars would be the size of a 1 ton Pickup.

3) Biometrics – Have you ever lost your key to your house? Ever forgot your password for your computer? Well I believe it will be keyless very shortly. Just swipe your finger or scan your retina.

4) Gaming – No more need for a controller and not even a sensor. There are sensors that detect your movement but imagine a fully 3D environment that allows YOU to be the controller or to be the character itself. Fun?

5) Video/Audio – Imagine not needing to click anywhere on a screen, or even needing to tap on a screen. Simply move your hand or even look(a little far fetched haha) but really moving your hand to stop/play, Rw, FF, and even Rec.